Friday, December 21, 2018

How to increase Wi-Fi speed in laptop windows 10

Making the most out of your Wi-Fi speed is an important approach to enhancing your computing capability. It allows you to do faster and intense research, browse, submit and receive emails, participate in virtual meetings among many more activities. Unfortunately, your Wi-Fi speed might be jeopardized by certain provisions. For instance, individuals who use Windows 10 on their PCs seem to have issues with their wireless free internet speed. Mostly the issue arises from the many background services that Windows 10 comes by.

In fact, some people have even decided to degrade to a lower windows version just to boost their internet speed. Definitely, that is not a wise decision considering the fact Windows 10 has many significant and efficient features you might not want to miss out on. There are a set of ways if not practices that will really go into ensuring your Wi-Fi speed goes high on your windows 10.

Just put the following practices into practice:
  • Decide when to allow windows updates Windows 10 has a tendency of initiating automatic updates. These updates usually need strong and too much internet capability. This will hence slow down your internet speed on other sites due to the windows 10 updates taking place. To curb such an occurrence, ensure you manually set your windows to notify you when there are any updates. Then decide which time you will require those updates to take place.
  • Get rid of the firewall  There are claims that firewall can decrease your internet speed or block your internet entirely. This is one of its very expensive drawbacks. You will not browse well or even research online at a reasonable speed. So try disabling firewall and see how the Wi-Fi speed fairs on. 
  • Stop all background applications   These are applications that run in your windows background without notice. Such applications will take up much of your wireless free internet. You will experience a slow browsing speed on important sites. It is wise enough if you disabled or stopped such applications to enjoy a faster internet speed.
  • Network drivers should be up to date   Network drivers determine the internet speed your laptop will work with. In case they are outdated then definitely your internet speed will be low. This is one of the limitations you might experience after installing windows 10 on your PC. Upgrade those network drivers to start experiencing high Wi-Fi speed.  Install legit wireless free internet adapter drivers  Once you installed windows 10 on your PC, proprietary or generic Wi-Fi drivers will be installed. Unfortunately, these drivers will limit the speed of your internet. To get rid of that torment has official wireless adapter drivers installed in your PC.
  • Disable P2P Update process  Windows has a tendency of sharing your Wi-Fi bandwidth with total strangers. Such an act will drastically reduce your internet speed. It is required of you to disable P2P update process to experience faster Wi-Fi speed at all times.
  • Get rid of Windows 10 Auto-Tuning  Despite the fact, this feature is capable of boosting the performance of your laptop’s programs it really has some drawbacks. The most popular one is that it uses up a lot of internet amount. As a result, you will experience a lower internet speed on your Windows 10. Simply switch this feature off for an improved Wi-Fi speed.
  • Switch off LSO (Large Send Offload)  LSO is dedicated to enhancing the overall system’s network performance. Unfortunately, it also makes background applications to start using high amounts of your Wi-Fi. Consequently, you will experience reduced Wi-Fi speed. Simply switch off the large send offload feature.  Upgrade your Wi-Fi  Finding a stronger Wi-Fi package is very effective. It comes with a higher Mbps meaning you will experience an enhanced speed. You will not be expected to disable any applications or features to ensure you browse at a great speed.
  • Secure your Wi-Fi network  Insecure Wi-Fi connections are subject to hacking. Someone will easily get your password and start using it. The more people use it the lower the speed. To ensure you secure your Wi-Fi.

The points discussed above will be of much importance in your quest to improve your Wi-Fi speed. Put them into consideration to ensure you maximize your Wi-Fi. For more tips, you can have a look at this site

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